All Aliens will be minted for a flat price price of 1200 VITE, all Aliens will be minted for the same price - (bonding curves, dutch auctions, etc. are scams). Minting will be available at

20 Aliens will be withheld from the mint, 4 reserved for team members, and 16 reserved for marketing and giveaways.

The Aliens arrive from 10 different (unique) planets: Aquaria, Crimson City, Heaven's Gate, Hydropia, Lavenderia, Magentia, Mineral District, Petraville, Serenity and Snotropolis. Each planet has 51 Aliens native to it, hence the name, "51 Aliens".

If you are curious as to what "The Social DAO" is, and how you can participate, read the whitepaper here:

As with The Social DAO, "The Ledger"'s whitepaper will be available here:

All Aliens were created equal. Value is in the eyes of the beHODLer!